Backpacking with kids (not for the faint of/ good for the heart)

Dan and I have sat on mountain tops and imagined the day that our children would be sitting next to […]

Dear Time,

You sneaky devil, you. I am finally on to you. You wore a disguise through my childhood. Dressed up as […]

Seasons of life

Phew. Its been a minute. Turns out writing, reflection and putting together sentences don’t go hand in hand with having […]


Over the years I have read a whole lot of books, articles, blogs, instruction manuals,¬†on this crazy little thing called […]

The never-ending weekend

There are two ways to look at it. I am referring to being a stay at home mom. It is […]

Wearing my joy

This is me when I was…. 4? Wearing the heck out of my joy. I’m 35 now…. and I finally […]