So… what did we do?

This isn’t going to be beautifully written. There is writing to be done, deep, personal writing, but I wanted to […]

The year we took our lives back

One year ago… We sat across from each other with our  bottle of champagne, the last of it’s contents being […]

My becoming a mom birthday

I had a dream I was holding two babies. I felt the weight of them in my arms, smelled their […]

Things that grow

It is my greatest joy… watching things grow. Tomatoes. Chickens. Sunflowers. Children. Just look up at any given time and […]

It’s not easy, but it’s simple.

Once upon a time I had a job. A job that paid money. This job was teaching people how to […]

Kneading and rising

Some of my earliest memories are sitting around a big wooden table with my Mom, sisters, Aunts, Grandma and Great […]