Marigold Farm is more than a farm.
It is a life we chose.
It is the result of about 278 life talks between Dan and I.
Life talks really are our specialty.
The key ingredients to having successful life talks are pretty simple. You'll need sleeping children. A shortage of babysitters that charge less than $15 an hour. A box of wine.


A box. The cheaper the better.

And then the most important one, although arguably only SLIGHTLY more important than the box.....

...are the dreams.
...the goals. know...
...the ways you want to conquer the world together.

I cringed a little just now typing out the word 'dreams'.
It feels a little too John Cusack-y.
But that's what they are.
They are TOTALLY John Cusack- Kate Beckinsale- everything happens for a reason dreamy dreams.

They are sitting on coolers out in our garage and asking each other what do we want out of life?

Where do we want to raise our kids?

What do we want to surround ourselves with?

What do we want to teach our kids about what it means to live and be alive? dreams.

These questions we rolled around with again and again.

We lived in a cute little town, close to the mountains and our best friends, it seemed ludicrous to ask for anything more.
But we wanted more.

More community.
More land.
More time together.
More opportunity.
More richness.
More simplicity.
More self-sustaining.

And by wanting more we realized, what we really wanted, was less.

Less stuff.
Less stress.
Less people.
Less hustle.
Less bustle.

Essentially I wanted to turn back time, move in with my Grandma and start churning butter.
I wanted the farm, the animals, the garden, the life.

Our area was quickly changing.
Farmland was being bought up, with big beige boxes being built where the cows used to stand.
The high school parking lot was filled with new Range Rovers and BMWs....
And those were not the teacher's cars.
We sat in traffic pretty much everywhere we went.
As much as we loved this little town... it wasn't so little any more.
The always busy, need to keep up with the Jones' life?
In the words of the esteemed, Snoop Doggy Dog...
we were ready to drop it like it's hot.

And we did.

We packed up our couch, our twin babes, our business, my pregnant belly and our life.... and we moved.

To an island.
To find our Farm.

It is amazing how many people are shocked when we tell them this....
....As if once you pick a path you must forge ahead with your head down and never wonder where the other trails lead.

The world would have you believe that all the SHOULDS come before the COULDS.
It's a lie, and a dangerous one. One that too many people waste their whole life believing.
The only thing worse than feeling like you can't live exactly the life you want now, is thinking you have time.
Time to live that life later.
After you make all your money or after the kids grow up or after you have put in your dues.

That wasn't going to be us.

We were going to start building that life now.
A life that you don't want a vacation from.
A life that is simple and satisfying and includes knowing your postman's first name.
I wanted the screen door slamming all day with kids running in and out without worry.
I wanted bread in the oven.
Jam in the cellar.
Chickens in the coop.
We wanted a homestead.

A while back we had taken a getaway to this little village by the sea and fell in love.

We ate fish tacos at a coffee shop and saw a high school class all sitting on benches outside with their sketchbooks overlooking the water.
I watched them.
I could see my own kids on those benches.
I saw them walking through the streets of this town fresh faced and with their own style.
We explored the beaches, the back roads, the farmers market.
All of it whispered "yes"
On a total whim I looked up rentals on craigslist.
We toured one that day.
And signed a lease.

Island life is so sweet.
A friend of mine who lives here says "It is just like living at camp." Who doesn't love camp?!

Our kids have bloomed here.
It is where roots aren't just planted, they thrive.

The homestead dream has intertwined with our want to be a positive part of this community.
To build our dream but also share it.
To show our own kids a way of life, but also their friends, and their friend's friends.
I envision cow milking playdates and egg gathering get togethers.
Tractor rides and barn dances.
Apple tree climbing and cider pressing.

The story is just beginning.
Follow along and watch it unfold.
Read about designing our house, planting potatoes, and beach combing for driftwood street signs.
About hiking in the woods, being a mom and being more than JUST a mom.
About what it means to be a Marigold and how I am working every day to become one, to plant them, to build them.

Until next nap time when I get to write again......


All of this amazing photography done by Jim Fuglestad

next up.... let's start at the very beginning....