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Gratitude heART journaling for kids!


November 11th-25th


An hour zoom class every Wednesday for 3 weeks in November where we will be journaling in the theme of gratitude, thankfulness… and maybe some turkey feather art as well!

heART journaling is all about finding inspiration in the things that you are surrounded with. Having a place to put all of your favorite treasures and thoughts and having fun schmearing around some paint (or crayons ;-). It is allows kids to experience creativity in a new way and gives them a space that is all their own to express themselves through art and storytelling.

This year has been full of overcoming obstacles and change… I will be finding all sorts of comfort in this slower month and an opportunity to reflect on what I am most thankful for. It will be an important part of looking back on this craziness… to see that there was still gratitude and joy.

What your child will need: 

*Something to journal in.      This can be anything from a spiral notebook, to folded up paper, to a most delightful, handmade heART journal sent to you by yours truly…. available for purchase in my online store (the online henhouse 🙂  I am in the process of making some super cute Fall themed ones for the class, so get your order in if you want one so I can ship it to you before the first class!

*Something to journal with. This can be as simple as crayons, but any and everything that is laying around the house will be most welcome (markers, colored pencils, paints, etc.)


*glue stick or tape or some sort of adhesive

* something to inspire. (magazines to cut from, photographs printed out, postcards, etc…..) I will send out an email a week before each class with the zoom link and some more ideas for you specific to what we will be creating.

Price: $35 total for 3 weeks

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