heART journaling for kids!


December 27th

1:00-2:30 PST

An hour and a half zoom class  where we will be exploring what it means to heART journal and how we weave art, traditions, storytelling and nature in our very own heART journals.  A perfect introduction to a broad variety of ways in which they can use the journals they may have received in a stocking or in a gift over the holidays!

heART journaling is all about finding inspiration in the things that you are surrounded with. Having a place to put all of your favorite treasures and thoughts and having fun schmearing around some paint (or crayons…or whatever you have ;-). It  allows kids to experience creativity in a new way and gives them a space that is all their own to express themselves. You may notice they start looking at the world with new eyes and see things they might want to add to their journal. Encourage this by packing it along for trips or even a jaunt to a restaurant. heART journals love travel!

What your child will need: 

*Something to journal in.      This can be anything from a spiral notebook, to folded up paper, to a most delightful, handmade heART journal sent to you by yours truly…. available for purchase in my online store (the online henhouse 🙂

*Something to journal with. This can be as simple as crayons, but any and everything that is laying around the house will be most welcome (markers, colored pencils, paints, etc.)


*glue stick or tape or some sort of adhesive

* images to snip and paste. (these can be magazines to cut from, photographs printed out, postcards, etc…..)

  • I will send out a zoom link a few days before class!

Price: $18

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