heART journal- random


Let me make you a journal!

A handmade book of goodness that is the perfect home for all of your secrets and treasures and stories…..

Approximately 6.5 x 10 , made from upcycled cardboard and thrifted fabric and stuffed full of an assortment of paper…  vintage books, sheet music, maps, illustrations, watercolor, scrapbook, construction, nature books…. and whatever else I might decide to surprise you with 😉

heART journals like to travel with you on your adventures. They like being kept under pillows and in glove boxes and at the bottom of purses. They like riding in backpacks and napping in hammocks and sleeping in tents. They like flowers pressed in between their pages and postcards and feather bookmarks tucked inside. They beg to be written in and painted on and given as gifts….

A creative companion for all ages

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