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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, art supplies I play with and links so you can get them……..

Brown paper packages tied with Amazon strings, you can order and be delivered my favorite things…..

Hello friends! Here is a landing spot for all of the fun supplies I get asked about and links on how you can get them…..

These are supplies I play with in my own journals and artwork, I share some of this in my instagram stories every week if you are curious to see them in action. Just go to my Instagram profile and click on the highlight ‘heART supplies’.

Happy shopping!

Peerless water colors: Oh, sweet colorful beauty…. these paints have become a traveling staple. They ship to you in these strips and have the names on one side, and the super concentrated, yummy paints on the other. I cut them up and put them in little traveling notebooks (see my instagram story on how to do it) and bring them along with me to paint on the road… i even make little ones for my kids and they love them! check out the two links below to get your own 😉

Peerless complete travel palette and color guide, 78 colors!

Peerless bonus pack, small , 40 colors

Mod Podge: The glue that holds my world together. I use this stuff for everything….gluing down fabric for journal covers, dried flowers and leaves on pages, making paint more translucent, as a sealan … so much goodness. I find the matte easiest to work with and less sticky than other sealers.

Mod podge matte 32 oz

Mod podge matte 16 oz

Faber-Castell gelatos: The creamiest of creamy, the yummiest of yummy… I give you… gelatos. They are almost like a lipstick that you can create with. Use a wet brush and schmoosh it around like a watercolor paint. Apply it directly to paper and use your finger to blend it out, Rub them on stamps or around photos as a border…. they are heaven on earth and super fun to play with!

Faber-Castell gelato gift set 28 colors!

Faber-Castell gelatos 15 color set

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