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heART supplies

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, art supplies I play with and links so you can get them…….. Brown paper packages tied with Amazon strings, you can order and be delivered my favorite things….. Hello friends! Here is a landing spot for all of the fun supplies I get […]


Dear Time,

You sneaky devil, you. I am finally on to you. You wore a disguise through my childhood. Dressed up as a friend…. joining me for tea parties in the woods, and summers in the sand, and nights under stars. A bottomless cup from which I could drink from at any […]


Seasons of life

Phew. Its been a minute. Turns out writing, reflection and putting together sentences don’t go hand in hand with having 3 small children home every day for the summer while you’re packing up one house, and remodeling another one. Oh right, this is the perfect time to tell you….. we […]



Over the years I have read a whole lot of books, articles, blogs, instruction manuals,¬†on this crazy little thing called parenting…. When my youngest became mobile and started taking over the world, my twins were still two. I’ll say that again for those peeps in the back…. That is three […]


Wearing my joy

This is me when I was…. 4? Wearing the heck out of my joy. I’m 35 now…. and I finally feel like I know myself…my style…. my niche…. my whatever you want to call it. Like I have been picking up pieces of the puzzle my whole life and I […]


So… what did we do?

This isn’t going to be beautifully written. There is writing to be done, deep, personal writing, but I wanted to start out by just giving you a somewhat gritty, no-nonsense look at the actual changes we made in our life and schedules that we followed this year. If you have […]


The year we took our lives back

One year ago… We sat across from each other with our  bottle of champagne, the last of it’s contents being poured into two glasses that sat next to a demolished cheese board.. After 4 years of being governed by a toddler dictatorship that revolved around nap schedules, feedings, white noise […]